Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Realms Of Despair Leveling

I've decided to post a general leveling guide for new players who are struggling to find "good" places for exp.   This list is meant ONLY to help you get through those rough patches.  If your only goal is to minimize the effort of leveling, then this will work for you. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it a list of the fastest places to level; simply the easiest ones which are accessible to all.

Please please PLEASE do not simply follow this guide and skip exploring as the Realms are HUGE and filled with awesome side quests, puzzles etc. Endless medieval enjoyment doesn't come from starting at 50. Its the journey that makes the game fun: not the destination.

Academy, Warehouse, Shattered refuge (aka gnomes)

Shattered refuge

Coral depths (eels&lampreys)

Coral depths (crab guards, young mermen, young mermaids)

Spectrum (DISARM heavily suggested), Coral depths (kiael, triton, syrinx)

Tree of life (amazons(30-35), Lightning dragon,death,famine,pestilence,eris (38-50)

DAG (Storm giant (arena painting), Aram-dol(loss painting)

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