Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just saw this on auction

Auction: A new item is being auctioned: a satchel of dark demon flesh, level 46 at 75,000,000 gold.
Current bid on this item is 75,000,000 gold.
Object 'a satchel of dark demon flesh'...
It is a level 46 container, weight 1 (all: 110).
Locations it can be worn:  hold
Special properties:  hum dark evil
This container has a gold value of 0.
A satchel of dark demon flesh appears to be of a medium to large capacity.
cream-colored harem pants (52)
(Glowing) Immortal Light (57)

This is why there needs to be some sort of standardized outlet for items. It really doesn't matter how hard the mob is... if it can be farmed like this, people will do it, and the eq will lose all value entirely. thats 102 items being auctioned for 75m gold. Or about 735k per item. And guess what? No bids at all. Why? Cause the eq is very very specific in it's use. Immortal light is augurer only (evil and devout no less... for a class that BARELY gets any eq... is it really necessary to make it even more restricted?). The cream colored harem pants are 100mp (and nothing else practically) basically two markets that saturate extremely quickly. 

Low prices are great for new players aren't they? cheap equipment for everyone!


It also give new players ZERO incentive to actually play the game. Instead they end up farming gold (and boring themselves to death until they eventually quit) and when they DO finally work up the courage to run, they find themselves facing mobs that have been upped (since they have been farmed so much.. the difficulty gets increased... examples: icingdeath, shade the dark, captian faragut... etc etc... the list continues) and yet... the equipment is practically worthless. Basically it devalues new player's time and effort to a point where they can barely make any progress which can only lead to players giving up (and killing what tiny new player base there is)

Make yourself heard! Post a comment here or on the archives on how you think the economy should be fixed. 

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