Friday, October 7, 2011

My favorite places to adept skills.

When you love exploring as much as I do, you need your generally "useless in other situation" skills adept. Heres the rundown of the places I do mine:

The big 3:
Search: Down North of the gnome receptionist. The crack respawns every time you walk in the room. Walk out, back in, search.
Dig: The graveyard. The entrance to the tomb where gartock hangs out disappears on entry. Dig down, go down, dig up, repeat.
Detrap: What? yeah. Detrap is the third. Why? because its so rare. If you used it every chance you got on every trap you found by the time you av'd, most people would still have it at 19%. My personal detrapping spot (that DOESNT hurt very much) is Bartok's grove. Unfortunately you will need to wait for repops for it to come back.

The rest:
Styles, weapon skills, attacks, : Kylara in front of dragon cult.
Pick lock: Receptionist in shattered refuge. steal her key then pick/lock d.
Climb: The warehouse has a tree all the way to the west side. make sure you dont have fly on and have float on instead. Spam u, d.
Doorbash: pick a door. any door. Just dont do it at the darkhaven gates. That just annoys people (same goes for spam pick locking them)

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