Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A new team.

In my absence, two classes have gotten alot better especially for new players to start on. Barbs and Pallies. The reasons you can see in the posts below. Though pally is definitely the best new starting place for a player. They are very self sufficient (minus the lack of any door opening skills and scan/scry) Both are fairly easy to level with barbs possibly being a little harder due to equipment restrictions. Also basic avatar eq is cheaper for the pally. With shieldbash now available to tanking pallies, it should definitely be THE tank of your new team. Unless you are spending more time quaffing than shieldbashing then which point you might want a warrior or thief anyways. In this less than active state of realms, with most guilds and orders being fairly inactive, it is very hard for new players to get assistance to run basic mobs for basic eq though not impossible (kudos to those who helped bronie with justice the other day). I would definitely put pally a little ahead of barbs in terms of number of mobs they can solo.

Dev thieves aren't dead as hitters, just less useful (but still definitely have their uses where rend is less effective)

My New order
Pally ->Barb -> Mage/Cleric -> Fathomer/Thief.
Depending on how you play/what you want to do it would be more barbs/thieves/fathomers. Perhaps an auggie as well as you get more gold. Then once you have enough hitters, a second mage (or two or even three dont hurt). Definitely priortizing balance > defense > countermagic > destruction>elder though your preferences may vary.


K said...

I didn't realize they're that significantly improved. I read something in CoD that barbs were very niche hitters, but that's likely dated.

Also I was under the impression that pallys are expensive to gear, but you probably meant the higher tier stuff is more than usual.

Have any advice on leveling the casters? I've found it really really slow in the 30 range unless I throw money at manas, and this is still annoying with 18 str. I've heard some people suggest having alts carry potions around.

xenapan said...

Yes barbs are significantly improved. Before it was the choice of thief circle lag for charge (except you also had to be mounted, and had to deal with mounts dying, being knocked off, and tunnel limits) which was still much weaker than circle or rend (which was a bit faster, but barehanded so less hp, no parry, and lower success rate since it capped at 65% previously) Now that barbs have ancestral strike (which is still weaker than charge but makes them more general use as it doesn't involve babysitting mounts and dealing with tunnels), and rend got upped, while still not THE choice hitter, they are more applicable as replacement hitters.

As for pally equipment, it's not really that expensive or hard. I'll post what I would consider a T0/T1 newbietar eqset and post a comparable end game set. You will still need to keep in mind, the paladin while a tank, also has shieldbash as a SERIOUS offensive tool now and thus does better than a warrior as an offensive tank (warrior quaffs better)

My mana supply of choice at lower levels tends to be nip of nooracht. 400 mana for 2 weight per nip costing about the same as one standard blue mana pot (which means about 4-5x the mana for the same weight and price). at higher levels its too time consuming during fights to USE nips DURING the fight so i tend to stick with kaern's silver potion which run ~1k per piece (about 700-800 gold with a 22 cha thief at level 5) which is half the mana but also with a cure light.