Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Afking, chatting, standing around doing nothing.

It's a game. Play it. You can gold and chat at the same time. Depending which mob you choose to gold on you can gold as fast and as slow as you prefer which gives you time to chat or whatever you want in between. Efficiency is doing work, giving your brain a break by golding for 5 minutes every say.. 25 minutes, then getting back to work. You are less stressed about getting work done (dont do this with last minute work though) or it makes it less boring at least plus you get gold/items out of it. Good examples... guen/leodegrance. 45 minute repop in kotr. 1mil on the mob (both of em) and a fairly decent item that can sell for a bit (depending on who wants it). 15 minutes every hour to kill, 45 to work. Its a solution that works especially when you get bored with the work. Bring along your friends to chat (or chat with them with tells if you dont want to share). Point is.. you can be more productive even when you are mostly afkish.

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