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Basic army building 2

Assuming your augurer is done and aved(assuming you are part of GoA.. since thats basically everyone I told) It is time to start your REAL army. Having a core team makes running with other people easier, it makes golding easier, it also makes you SELF SUFFICIENT which means the rest of us can stop supporting you (and you can be useful to the rest of us). Kinda like common courtesy (I've taught you how to fish. So fish already!).

Developmental plans:

Route 1. (Now the less popular route due to spellbots)
Start a trio of chars. A mage, cleric and warrior. Using your auggie to eq them, they should quickly level. The mage and cleric should level up enough to get the important spells. Sanc, shields, leveling spells that give +2 instead of +1. The warrior should then be aved (with the support of the mage and cleric) which allows you a little more firepower as well as storage room. Start on a thief and av it while you work on both mage and cleric.

At this point you have a mage, cleric, warrior, thief and augurer which is a fairly decent team for gathering basics. Get the warrior and thief the basics starting at ocean keep. (navy rings, shark necks, sailor's earring, bloody eyepatch) if you dont already have em, The easy way is to portal deckhand to get onto the merida, kill deckhands till you get the first two. then sit there summoning crewmen and killing them one at a time till you get the eyepatch/earring. Then work on killing shade and Lodd. use the augurer to poison both with caustic, flee and let the poison sit 20ish 30 mins then kill with the group. unravel+ razor+ sword+ burden+lethargy should make both fairly easy to kill. Gather a few shade sets (you need 2 rings for the thief, shades for mage/cleric/thief and shield will work on both mage and cleric while the helm works for mage/cleric/thief again) Lodd will give you lodd swords which are for your warrior. 2 is good enough to up his damage. Enchant them devout of course. Adhere mage to balance revisit ToL to get the filthy loincloth for the mage, then head to icingdeath to get ice tooths for the thief and ice girths for EVERYONE. Ice arms go on everyone as well (other than the auggie).
Go to the forest of of tears and track artemis. kill her (you just need sanc and bless really). Circle with thief, smash with warrior. Spell down with mage and cleric. Spiral if you want with your auggie but you will realize how... useful it is. Moccassins for everyone cept the mage. After this point.. apply shields as needed. match shields on all characters.

At this point you should visit blasted lands by portaling to carpet dealer and paying him 100k per person to get carpets. fly is your friend. keep it on and have triggers to keep it on. Use immoblize on horus and multi him for 2 bracers. kill honor and head up to ra after killing the ramen. Ra is going to be REALLY rough on your team. attack him with the warrior before bringing in the mage then immoblize him till he dies too. You want a cloak for the cleric/warrior. Save your healing potions though and leave your balance mage north of isis (she will kick you down) while others heal. Once you are done, shield up again and tackle the 4 horsemen. you shouldnt need to stun the first two but stun/immoblize the last two. Kill thoth twice (immob doesnt work and you should keep the mage out) to get thoth rings and staves for the mage and cleric. use the cleric to fortify while the others quaff.. its a short but pretty brutal fight for your team so far. After you are done, tell thoth a man after he repops then get out to dh.
The next step is in nevermore. Slightly harder but quite rewarding. Take the first west exit then head north till you get to the diagonal rooms. NW side and open doors as you go. Head north and find the west exit to the western spire. This part after the first western spire room is no recall. Follow the path to the end (DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.) go south, knock sw, open sw, sw, nw, n to a guard. kill him with the warrior, immoblize and your crew shoudl be able to kill him without much problem as long as you quaff on the warrior. loot the wrist and give it to the thief. go ip2 and keep the warrior and mage on. walk the warrior e, u, w,s,e into the second guard, then the mage in and spring, immob, quaff on the warrior until he dies. Regroup the rest of the team east of where the guard was (the guard is no flee btw. you either die or kill him). Loot the second wristguard for the thief. Here you can kill the mob a few times for nice gloves as well as your cleric's body wear for a while. Back track the way you came to the first western spire room (preferably before repop or you need to kill guards again). Recall!

At this point your group should be fairly eqed though missing a good few slots. Guess what the problem is? You need more characters.. simple as that. 2 more warriors, 4 more thieves and you should be ready. While you level, kill the following mobs. Kraken (crystaline teadrop ALL), cernunos (golden torque warrior), stone golem (maul of stone warrior), mistress of magic (sash of the magi).
Also watch out for the following items on auction Cloak of royalty (thief), Obsidian leggings (warrior/thief), crown of ages (warrior), aegis (all except mage), golden plate (mage) , dragonscale armguards (warrior), millenium (mage).

Once all the new characters as well as old are eqed mostly, pay a visit to the gold dragon on top of the tower in ofcol. you want about 20 orbs. Yes. 20. Finally... mandor. You want a maul wielding warrior to tank, and 5 thieves to hit. Split the job of casting shockshield on all of them between the mage and cleric. (4 mage 2 cleric) then holy and sanc up for probably your hardest challenge yet. Warrior tanks. thieves circle. mage brandishes orbs, cleric casts divinity on warrior while the warrior quaffs. After you kill him take your shieldbreaker (invis) and steel gauntlets. The sleeves are also useful if your warrior hasnt got dragonscale sleeves yet. same goes with girth. Pass the shieldbreaker to a thief (do not use it.) repeat the kill some more. you want 2 sbs per thief. (ugh.. i know). Now the less hard part... of the advanced cycle of mobs. Rez. easy to multi 3 yourself. get a warrior and 2 thieves. tank with the warrior, style down when you get gouged, style up a thief and tank on that while circling on the other. quaff loads. Once you finally kill rez, you have a fate key as well as cobras and a rez light. cobras goes to the mage while the key is the only one you need (it wont dissapear.. phew)...

Now take out 4 thieves. preferablly the best based ones. the cleric and the mage. Map the scourge of time maze and get to the sceptre, push/pull it, unlock the door with your shiny key and bring everyone in. At this point, kahl is west of you, north is a closet with probably some of the worst mobs you will encounter in your time on RoD. Kahl is an ip4 run 4 thieves with thievesblades. do NOT circle with your tank while the others circle SLOWLY watching for gas breaths. Every so often he throws you out so use that time to recoup. Run back in and kill him repeat till hes dead. 2 thievesblade PER thief. wear the spoils as you get em. awesome eq really.
Use the jade cameo for ice while using mage for fire, cleric for shock shields. (cleric has better shockshield than mage. mage needs to pull his/her share of shields). Kahl is rather easy really with 4. Once you get enough thievesblades for the team, its time to face down lord olsen and sindroad.... not. bring in the other thieves for 6 thief, mage, cleric. KEEP FLY ON. from the centre room (where you prep for kahl), open n, n into the closet. get the leader to type hatch to trans down. There is a hellknight here. hes probably a nice break from all the hard stuff you have been doing lately. (or at least alot harder than him anyways). Circle, razorbait, faerie fire, unravel. OOPS! the corpse falls :( type hatch to bring your group to safety. get one thief, rem weapons, sanced and shielded and go to the bottom, get all corpse, supplicate recall/(corpse) as sin and olsen are likely to kill you. Repeat for more godskulls. (which make an awesome income btw.. easily sold for 5m a pair, at 5 minutes a repop... )Anyhow, after a while, you will notice the hellknight doesnt spawn below the hatch and is instead nw of sin/olsen. you need to flee a thief into the room to get them moving, then get him back up and wait for the hellknights to come to you to kill some more.

Anyhow, by this time your army should be substantial enough to gold off mobs properly... go back to lodd and shade and give em a taste of your circles. include feina for cure blind pens and faragut for shock sticks (portal crewmen to get to the valkarie). you should also be able to kill the crewmen with little problem now even when they team up. stun faragut and either get the stick or an avenger (MOOLAH!) After this point.. you really dont need more help on learning how to build your army. Just add more to it as you go according to what you feel you need.

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