Monday, January 8, 2007

learning from your mistakes..

Let's face it... there's alot of text scrolling as you play the game. It gets a little hard to read it all even from the moment you start. There are plenty of channels that people use, and fights create large amounts of spam. Some things to reduce the spam and make it more bearable.

config +gag
Gag's misses and parries and whatnot in fights. So you can see what really matters.

config -shields
shows shields as [Fire][Ice] etc instead of putting another line on your screen. Every line counts.

config +compass
shows locked and hidden doors that may not show in the exits part of the room description. Also lets you see what exits there are at a glance. Blue letters in the compass denote "windows" which you can scry through to see another room. Red letters are locked doors and Darker green letters denote closed doors.

Now the really important part. For when you are fighting, exploring etc. and not just chatting, turn on logging. clients like zmud and mushclient have logging features. Each client is different, but make sure you have a client that supports logging as it makes alot of things easier.

Things you can do with logs:
- keep track of where things went... who you passed an item to, where you left your container, when you got money stolen from you (if you had it in your prompt... it will show up)
- read room descriptions carefully. lets face it... if you read every room description you saw, you would never get anything done. good for finding out keywords, secret exits, hidden items etc.
- learning from your mistakes on kills. what happened. why did you die. what killed you. with what. how much damage did it deal you. what kinds of special attacks did it use. did it scrap your container. did it take your weapon. etc. This is probably the biggest reason for logging. To learn from your mistakes.

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