Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Investing, golding, auction.

Auction is a good way to invest in items. Gold doesn't really gain value and for each moment that passes, gold is worth less (people are golding more) On the other hand, items tend to retain a value (especially if it is a good item) or when they go OOG (then the prices for them go up) you can get a substantial amount investing in items just by selling later when someone wants it. For example take Set's ring of power. Auction it tends to go for about 5mil. People are sometimes willing to pay 7m (thats 2/5ths of the price which is .. . 40% if you think about it.) Or even better.. when someone auctions it at 0 value and no one bids you can get it for say.. 3mil. (then you gained 4mil which is 133%) in profits. Thus auction is a good way to invest your money (buy low, sell high). It doesn't really hurt you once you have a financial base thats high enough to support it as well as storages to facilitate the trades. It's the art of investment. Not the art of ripping people off. Ripping people off is telling a newbie the ring is worth 7 when its worth 5. Investing smart is buying the ring for 3, then selling the ring to a buyer who needs it in a hurry and is willing to pay 7 for the immediacy.


Roland said...

Umm, gold does appreciate in value. Deposit your money on Orestes or buy stocks.

xenapan said...

Trust cyril to do self promotion :P and stocks pay you to the point.. if you sell the stock.. it takes 14 MONTHS to actually make a profit.

As for depositing in orestes.. for a BILLION ish gold.. you get 4mil a week <_<

Yes.. it does appreciate.. but at a slower rate than inflation :P