Saturday, January 6, 2007

magic vs nonmagic items.

Most people are concerned about this because of weapons that can/can't hit certian mobs due to magic/nonmagic only restrictions... but there is a little more than just that.

Magic items are add 0 weight when worn. What does this mean? More space/room. Carry more potions/spare eq, etc etc. Also, when storing, you might want the storage to wear the item if possible. Magic items are also a double edge'd sword. especially weapons. If you drop them, make sure you have enough weight spare to pick them up and wear them. This is especially true of heavy magical weapons.

On the other hand, using magical items can increase the character's versatility especially if they lack in weight capacity. The two classes most affected by this are thieves and mages.

A good example is a neut thief wrist. Spiked leather wristguards are awesome. 2 dr, 1str/dex, 10hp. On the other hand, obsidian bracers are 2dr, 1str, 15hp. It looks like a pretty decision between 5hp and 1 dex. but there is also a weight difference of 10. considering you wear two bracers, thats 20 extra weight for more heals, or tankpots. Both will get their use of course, but the wristguard is not that much "better" strictly speaking when you take into account the fact that 20/500 is a pretty significant chunk. especially if you keep making similar choices for other locations.

Heavy Magical Items of note (the useful stuff):
Lights:mark of the king
Rings: Stone of Bal'anthi
Neck: Obsidian cloak, captian's cloak
Body: Adamantium plate, aegis
Head: Crown of ages, obsidian helm
Legs: obsidian leggings
Feet: demonscale boots, chains of imprisonment
Arms: steel sleeves
About: Balrog's cape
Waist: Steel girth
Wrist: Obsidian bracer
Wield: maul of stone, Dragon Claw of Legend, War Mattock of the Harbringer,

IMPORTANT: sparking golden bedsheet is NO LONGER MAGICAL renders it into trash. use silk omanehs instead since you can only absorb 2 hits with 10 weight but omanehs take 10 hits for 10 weight. choice is pretty clear. not to mention the bedsheet is also an area repop.

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