Friday, January 12, 2007

Basic character rolling and building your own army

First the classes and races to choose. You will see alot of similarities and repetition.

Augurer:Dwarf is THE best augurer race. Because of eq mainly.
Barbarian: Evil barbarians dont really have much ontop of a devout so make it devout.. and an Ogre or Orc.
Cleric: Clerics tend to be evil or devout. 99% are devout cause they can cast heal and divinity. Evils are used for scribing poison, casting cloud of darkness. (and they still have cure critical which is still a fairly decent healing spell for the hp/mana cost while still retaining useful spells like holy sanctity which is mass sanctuary as well as minor/major. They do lose benediction though.) Plenty of races for clerics are good. There really arent any "wrong" races for a cleric other than drow (loads of align based spam if you do choose devout), pixie (low str really hurts how well you can eq a character), gnome (suc fire is kinda lame. res energy isnt that useful and no really great eq). Personal preferences are dwarf, sea-elf.
Druid: Pretty similar to clerics really. cept they are somewhat of a tanking class that also doubles as hitters. Preferences are also dwarf, sea-elf.
Fathomer: They are like magical thieves. I exclusively prefer to use sea elves.
Mage: Spellcasters that tend to share the burden of the "spellbot" name with clerics. Again, sea-elf is my prefered race.
Nephandi: Weaker, evil only mage basically with a slew of spelldowns that are unique to nephs. Also prefer drow.
Paladin: Devout only warriors.. well you can go evil but you lose 90% of your spells. Elf.
Ranger: something between a warrior and a druid. They have a fair amount of skills but nothing really awesome. Gash requires a claw and costs 50 mana. Im still trying to decide if they damage is good or not. Halfling, elf are the best choices. Particularly evil halfling.
Thief: The most typical hitting class in the game. They excel at most parts of the game and are probably the most commonly used class for.. everything. 95% dodge 95% tumble (both of which are probably dex and luck based) along with 25 dex, close to warrior standard hp, and circle which is probably one of the most damaging skills in the game (and also can be magic/nonmagic depending on your weapons) Basically makes them THE run class, as well as the standard for learning to run with. Orc or ogre. Do NOT try to roll a bunch of ogres for the devout part of your army. It will take too long and you really want the DR bonuses from orc eq. I do NOT understand why people use trolls. Ogres> trolls. Thats it. OK well halflings can be used too...
Warrior: Orc or ogre. Storage, used for killing mobs that can be stunned and the typical nasr warrior. Again, go with orc unless there is a really big reason not to.
Vampire: Blood sucking... things. Orcs are nice for tanking, halflings are also pretty good, and anything else is probably a waste of time.

The stats:
Augurer: 25 wis, 22 luck. 18 dex >_<. Devouts tend to fare as well as evils as evils tend to lack stats and sacrifice better eq for stats. Aim for 15-18 str , 17-18 wis, 16 int, 11-15 dex, 15 luck.
(These values depending on what you plan to use at av but give you a rough idea of what you should be aiming for when rolling.) If you havent noticed, rolling a good augurer is pretty hard. Make sure you get 9 con and cha or it is very hard to get the stats you really want. particularly dex. Real fast note. Auggie sandals are 0 dex. if you can afford a shroud/essence you have 3 dex to work with but really thats it. So unless you use aegis/golden plate and or eltor hide leggings, you need 15 dex. 13 with aegis/plate, 11 with leggings. Increase each of those values previous by 1 if you can only afford magi robe.
Barbarian: 25 str, 22 con, 18 int. aim for 18 str, 14+ con, 10 cha 14+ dex is nice to eq for. Evils dont really get enough dex. Note barbarian neck has 1 str, shades of light 1 con, layer plate 4 con.
Cleric: 25 wis, 22 int, 18 dex. 12str, 18wis, 16int
Females get 2 str per wrist with guen bracers and typically all clerics wear aegis, templars, memories. Dev eq tends to cover the rest of the stats nicely Males/Neutral require +4 str
Druid: 25 wis, 22con, 18 cha. 17 wis (using trinket to cast +3 sagacity), wis sigil, triffid tendrils. 14 dex, 16 con, 15 int. Steel gaunts, dragonscale arms, cloak of light, are all the str you get. so 15 str... unless you use guens. Cloak of light is kinda crappy though so if you can manage a zhurrkdin cloak... you wouldnt be reading this. <_<
Fathomer: 25 dex, 22 int, 18 con. 14+ dex tends to be enough as no chains no strand tend to give them a big boost. You tend to need 17 str though. 16 int, and get at least 15+ luck.
Mage: 25 int, 22 wis, 18 str. You tend to need 14 str, less with guens (see why gender is important?), 18 int, 16 wis, 15 dex and luck if you plan on using it to fight...
Nephandi: 25 int, 22 dex, 18 luck. basically a mage just evil. stats tend to be the same. but the 17 dex is needed. You can go down to 14 wis though.
Paladin: 25 str, 22 wis, 18 int. 18 str, 18 wis, dex tends to be find with the amount of dex eq on devs. (2 per ring of ancient gods, 3 on moccassins, 3 on cloak of death, optional 1 on teardrop, 2 on aegis, 2 on obsidian leggings). Get plenty of luck with the remaining points.
Ranger: 25 str, 22 wis, 22 dex, 18 cha. Like the paladin, really nothin to it.
Thief: 25 dex, 22 cha, 18 wis. Devouts should be 15 str, 15 dex, 16 luck. Neutral/Evils should be 18/18/18 if at all possible... 17 str is workable but prevents you from using raven guards. 17 luck is workable too.. circle just doesnt hit as well. So try your best to get the stats. Dev and neutral setups tend to be 99% set in stone.
Warrior: 25 str, 22 dex, 18 int. Devs refer to paladin notes. Just you dont need the wis.. so aim for luck instead. Evils and neuts need 18 str, 18 dex.

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