Thursday, January 11, 2007

Efficient leveling

Let's face it. Leveling is BOOORING but it needs to get done.
  1. Have your leveling eq READY, in ONE place.
  2. Have TWO sets of leveling eq. One set for hp/hr/dr and maxes wis, one set to max basically all your stats to change into before you level.
  3. Aim for enemies about 5 levels higher than your character.
  4. Rotate. Do NOT sit in one spot wasting time waiting for repops. Go kill something else. You should never be idle. Rotating between mobs also prevents your buffer from filling up.
  5. Keep a good stock of potions on you and refill. Use purples for healing (or any other type of healing you like) and kaern potions for mana (you will need to find kaern for this) but having these handy will save you alot compared to violets and blues.
  6. Know what level mobs are. Hitting mobs too early just puts them in your buffer and nets you less exp. You get best exp from mobs roughly 5 levels ahead. It goes down on both sides of that level.
  7. MAX YOUR WISDOM. It determines max exp gain. 18 for thieves, 20 for most other classes, 22 for paladins, rangers, mages 25 for augurers, clerics and druids.
  8. Keep your buffer empty.. rotate. Then rotate some more.

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