Sunday, January 7, 2007

heals and healing.

Everyone needs heals. unless you just plan to stay in darkhaven forever, sooner or later you will need to quaff a heal or two but purples just dont heal enough after a while and violets are over 10X more expensive but only 2-3 times more effective.

There are alternatives... but you need to work a little for them, but they can help save alot of money on potions when you can get them without a scratch.

Vial of undead spirits: easy to get... if you drop by tull manor every so often you can also get..
a bar of soap: healing and a little bit more
potion of life healing: when you get to the point you can kill the hobgoblin king, this is useful and the mob carries variable amounts of gold.
newt egg: doesnt heal as much as a heal potion does, but plentiful with the fire newts.
fiery orange potion: while gathering newt eggs, this is another item in the area.. a heal potion.. a little weighty but worth keeping since you are going in there already.

flask of gutbuster: probably the most useful heal you will find. cures poison, curse and heals too. have plenty of these for emergencies.
murky green potion: it sure didnt help the green trolls of old marsh but these can really help you. double cure critical at roughly level 43-44 heals nearly 100 hp. basically same as a heal but you can get roughly 7 a repop.
a bottle of 'mirke': not so easy to get to, but casts heal and protect. also not alot of people visit the village in cursed lands. after all.. it isnt a very pleasant place

apple of life: in revelation city there are two places to get these from the floor, and another you can fight for. careful tho.. staking area repops for these ends in unpleasant results. on the other hand you can fight joseph for them but hes a little harder than walking in and picking them up./but each one is worth the effort cause they are double heals
ambrosia: of the gods of olympus. dont take your money along but alot of the gods have this double heal.
elixir of health: annoying to get to... carried by the forth horseman of the apocalypse... death. but triple heals like this one can bring you from the verge of death back to life! if you are evil or neutral you will need to answer thoth's riddle to get out though. devouts on the other hand can heal up, get sanc and recall at isis.

naturally this is just a short list and by no means an exhaustive one. good luck finding more ways to subsidize your healing.

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