Wednesday, January 10, 2007

keeping up with the weight.

Everyone plays and eventually.. you run out of room, the more you play, the faster it seems to happen. Some ways to save space...

a) throw out the trash. should be pretty obvious. sub par eq, anything you dont need should go.
b) sort your leveling eq. that is to say.. get a set of it.. and sell/throw away the rest of it... its not like you can level on 2 screens at once. serious leveling should be attack, move, attack, move, then repeat till av. of course, if the spare eq is any good... sell it. only if it scraps easy or expires.. or something like that, keep a few spares. enchantable weapons... keep 4. one druid, one neph, one evil, one devout enchanted. update as needed if you get better av dams (or if the weapons is just totally awesome and is likely to become OOG like corkscrews... no.. there arent any right now)
c) move your excess weight. level a BUNCH of low level warriors. make em all level 6 first, then as you have higher level stuff, level one up a bit more. toys, treasures and most keepsakes are relatively low level. so keep your toys and stuff on a storage at home. if you want... a nice way to get even MORE storage space out of this...
d) mages and extradimensional portals... ok so there is a catch. mage portals reduces weight of items a little bit. so for every 5 weight you put in, it only weighs 4 while its IN the portal. so you basically get a 20% cut of weight (correct me if im wrong. it might be a little more but for every 5 weight you lose at LEAST 1. ) so what do you do? make a level 13 mage, make extradimensional portals. fill em up on the mage, give em to your warriors = free containers as well. the catch is.. you need to give back the portal to the mage to get your stuff OUT.. this means you need to be HIGHLY organized or do alot of portal searching.

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Tara said...

Thanks for this i needed help on managing my weight. Keep up the helpful hints.