Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The basics of running.

Running is a rather complicated process on RoD. Let's face it, there is this huuuuuge jump between when you finally finish leveling, and get out there and try to run something. Suddenly mobs have insane amounts of hp and damage and it isn't so easy to stay alive anymore and before you know it you are enlisting the help of your friends to bring down some big mob out there. How do you figure out who should get what, who should lead, who should get loot first etc? Here are some basic principles that groups normally use.

Everyone but the leader:
-config -autoloot/sac unless otherwise instructed. The leader does the looting, not who ever feels like it.
-follow the instructions of the leader. To make it simple, its like a game of simon says. Leader should outline what happens when, people are expected to follow instructions. If it is a new mob, or a hard mob, there are also some do nots. Like do not flee, or do not disarm. Make sure you follow instructions carefully or the run will fall apart.
-PAY ATTENTION. I dont know how else to put it. After the run starts, put life on hold for a few till you are done. Nothing is more annoying than someone who afks on a run which spoils it for everyone else. LEEERRROOOOOOOYYY JEEENNKINSSS.Nuff said really, I am aware it is a parody, but it's less funny when that happens to you. People who constantly pull stunts like leroy don't get invited on runs anymore. Simple, common sense.
-bring spare potions and tankpots. Hi. carry your own sancs and heals please. Just because a mob only takes 100 heals on average doesn't mean you should bring 100. Bring extras in case there are problems on the way in or the mob is particularly nasty that day.
- Remember the rule. no dead mob = no loot. Getting a mob to DYING doesnt get you anything. Killing it does. Reserve the celebration till AFTER the mob is dead.

- Know the mob and area better than just tokai.ws lists it. Don't tell people you know how to lead it because you read the notes. Reading and leading are two different things. When exploring, make sure everyone knows what to expect when X or Y happens. Nothing is worse than a leader who suddenly stops leading when there is a problem in the run and he dies or gets transed elsewhere. Make sure people know what is going on.
- Make sure everyone understands where you are going and what you are doing.
- Make sure people are prepared for the mob and what lies between DH and the mob.
- Give a breakdown of the run, how things are supposed to go.
- Have enough weight and inv space to hold loot till the run is over.

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