Sunday, January 14, 2007

Basic army building 3

Route 2. There are of course.. other ways to get an army up and running. The other way is via fathomer. Level one.. you will find it fairly easy to level. Spells give decent exp and it hits fairly ok while not taking alot of hits. Then you want the mage and cleric (yes .. you really need em or else you will be spending wayyyy too much on shield staves etc) Gold till you eq your fathomer properly. (its boring and slow.. and you dont gain half as much experience about RoD this way btw.. but it works.) Go neutral, its fairly cheap to eq.

the sigil of Keltas
(Humming) Set's ring of Power
(Humming) Set's ring of Power
Scales of Alpha and Omega (neut)
Scales of Alpha and Omega (neut)
(Humming) adamantium plate armor
the shade helm
eltor-hide leggings
a pair of tabi boots
red dragonhide gauntlets
a set of batwings
a huge shield of oak
(Humming) the cloak of Death
(Glowing) the Ice Girth
a spiked leather wristguard
a spiked leather wristguard
the black hilted sword "Shieldbreaker"
the Matrix of Desolution
earring of glasswalker bone
the shades

Most expensive would probably be set rings or matrix. (5X2 or 10X1.) Everything else should be 2 mil max. Then put the mage at the room E of the plunge room in coral depths. the cleric should be placed at the docks of edo. Fathomer should run to mage, get shield, valiance from mage, mage opens portal to cleric, fathomer enters, gets sanc, armor, bless etc from cleric. Both spellcasters log off, fathomer heads into the village broaching through doors. Head to second level of the tower then north to the gradmaster's room. he will summon a guard. feign it to death. go west, spring, disarm, then c vindur him to death while quaffing. about 3mil profit a kill. Rinse and repeat. then follow the steps to build up your army using route 1 paying for things as needed to speed up the process.

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Stefan said...

Red dhide gaunts cost 2.5m to make!